How to Unfollow People You Follow on Twitter

03/29/2010 07:56

If you are struggling with Twitter it may be because you don't know how to unfollow people who are following you on Twitter. Twitter can be like a radio station, all of your followers on Twitter are like your listeners on a radio station. The more followers you can get the more powerful your radio station can become. Some people have 50,000 followers on Twitter, so everything they tweet 50,000 people read! How powerful is that!

With Twitter they have restrictions on following more people than are following you. If you have ever been following people on Twitter and a message popped up saying "you are unable to follow more people at this time" that is because you are following too many more people than are following you.

There are a couple different ways to unfollow people on Twitter. The way most people probably do this is, they click on the people they are following and then see if there is an option to direct message that person. If there is no direct message option that means that, that person is not following you back. Which means you would then unfollow them.

However, there is a much simpler way to unfollow people. There is a website dedicated just to this purpose. The website is Once you get to this website you type in your Twitter user name and a list of a bunch of pictures will come up. These pictures are all of the people you are following who are not following you back. So all you need to do is simply click on the picture and once their page comes up click to unfollow them.

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