Twelve Twitter Tools For a Better Twitter Experience

03/28/2010 13:27

You can do a lot of things on Twitter. You can post pictures, videos, files, etc. You can also share your blog entries. For a quick guide to all things Twitter, check out the following:

1. Twitpic: One of the most popular Twitter tools out there which lets you easily share pictures on Twitter.

2. Twitter Feed: Another popular Twitter tool where you can post your blog entries and RSS feed on Twitter.

3. Tweetcloud: Tweetcloud is a useful and fun Twitter tool which summarizes what topics other users are usually tweeting about on Twitter. It's very easy to use. You can type a keyword, press enter, and you'll be able to see which users on Twitter are tweeting about that certain topic. You can also type a username, and you'll see a cloud of words that user keeps tweeting about. With the Tweetcloud, you can easily see which users you have a lot of common with.

4. Twitter Karma: Twitter Karma lets you sort users who you have a mutual following relationship, followers who you don't follow back, and users you follow who don't follow you.

5. Friend or Follow: Friend or Follow works the same as Twitter Karma, but this particular Twitter tool is better used for those who have a large following of people on Twitter.

6. Qwitter and Twitterless: Both of these tools inform you when someone stops following you. They'll also post which tweet you posted that may have led them to unfollow you.

7. Nest Unclutterer: This Twitter tool is very useful, especially if you have a large following. It detects and removes users who are inactive, spamming, etc. It also allows you to put on a certain criteria of users whom you may want to review first before the Unclutterer removes them.

8. Twitoria: This Twitter tool scans your Twitter account and shows your followers who have been inactive for days, weeks, months, and even for a year.

9. Twitter Grader: The website boasts itself as "a free tool that allows you to check the power of your twitter profile. It looks at a variety of factors including the number of followers, power of those followers and the level to which you are engaging the community." With just one click away, you can know how engaged other users are on Twitter.

10. Link Bunch: With only 140 characters per tweet, it can be difficult to post more than one link without flooding. This Twitter tool bunches up all the links you want to share to your followers and turn into one link.

11. Tweetcube: This Twitter tool lets you post files on Twitter - from JPEG files to MP3 files.

12. Twideeo: This Twitter tool lets you post videos on Twitter.

Hopefully with these 12 tools, you'll have more fun on Twitter. Fret not if you need more new tools. With Twitter getting more and more popular each day, a lot of people will continue to create and develop more Twitter tools.

One note: All of these sites can be found by typing in the keyword. Due to url restrictions, we were not able to list them here. Email me at the resource box below for any links that you have challenges finding.

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