Twitter Tools - Which Ones Can Help You Make Money Online?

03/28/2010 13:31

Now that Twitter is all the rage, many are trying to figure out how to make money online using it using popular Twitter tools. Hence, questions on popular message boards like "How do I get followers on Twitter?; How can I find followers on Twitter?; and How to turn Twitter followers into potential leads/customers?"

But, these are actually the wrong questions to be asking. In order to know which Twitter applications will help you make money online, you need to know: (i) what your end goals are; and (ii) how to categorize Twitter tools. This article will detail both.

Twitter Marketing: What Are Your End Goals?

Most answer this question by saying something like, "making more affiliate sales," or "branding my company." Your end goals need to be more concrete than this. Answering the following questions will help you get very specific about what you can realistically accomplish using Twitter tools.

What is Your Budget?

What is Your Timeline?

How Much Time You Plan to Invest in Using Twitter?

Twitter is free but you may need a budget to, for example, hire an SEO copywriter to write a landing page that converts. Do you want to increase sales by 20 percent over the next quarter, or the next year? Do you plan to outsource your Twitter marketing, or keep it in house?

As you can see, knowing the answer to all three of these questions will not only help you select the right Twitter tools to accomplish your goals, but better plan your online marketing efforts overall.

Now that you know the questions to ask (and answer) to properly assess your end goals, let's turn our attention to categorizing Twitter tools.

Twitter Marketing: 3 Categories That Most Twitter Tools Fall Into

The categories are:

1. Twitter Tools That Teach You How to Use Twitter: These are the most basic. If you're new to this social media site, investing in a video course, ebook or membership forum is one of the best actions you can take to get you up to speed.

2. Twitter Tools That Teach You How to Get More Twitter Followers: If you have experience using Twitter, then purchasing a program to learn how to get more followers is a natural next step.

Note: Don't invest in this type of Twitter tool without learning what the site is all about first. You'll only be frustrated at your results.

3. Twitter Tools That Brand Your Business: This is the most advanced type of Twitter tool, for it teaches you how to really dissect the psychographics and demographics of your audience - and how to capitalize on that. If you're a small or medium-sized business owner, this is an ideal way to use this social media marketing outlet.

Note: Building this type of Twitter following tends to take more time, but it can be so worth it, especially if you learn how to monetize this following.

For more info on Twitter Tools, read the in-depth article, Twitter Tools: How to Choose the Right One to Make Money Online at The site gives first-hand information (ie, product fact sheets) on popular Twitter product. They tell you how the product works; gives feedback from users, beta testers and marketers; tells you how it's delivered (video, ebook, software, etc.); and so much more. Before you buy any Twitter product, get the inside scoop on it first at



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